Hepatitis B Vaccination (Paediatric)

(per dose)
Hepatitis B is a viral liver infection that can lead to liver damage. Unlike hepatitis A, it's primarily transmitted through bodily fluids like blood or contaminated needles rather than contaminated water. To complete the full course of three injections in time, the first dose should be administered at least one month before travel.

Further information

Children: This vaccination is suitable after birth.

Side effects: Side effects may include fatigue and soreness at the site of injection. 

Additional precautions: When travelling to areas with limited medical resources, it’s advisable to carry sterile needles with you. Additionally, to prevent contracting hepatitis B during sexual activity, ensure consistent condom use.
Risks caused by hepatitis B: Hepatitis B can induce flu-like symptoms and jaundice. If chronic, it can progress to liver damage and failure.

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