Hepatitis A & B Vaccination (Paediatric)

(per dose)
Get vaccinated at least 5 weeks before travel. The dual vaccine might need 3 or 4 doses for full protection against hepatitis A and B. An accelerated course, comprising three doses before travel and a fourth a year later, is available. Your pharmacist will determine the appropriate course for you.

Further information

Children: This vaccination is suitable for children over the age of one.

Side Effects: 

Common side effects of the vaccine include pain or redness at the injection site, as well as fever, headache, and digestive issues.

Additional precautions: In regions where hepatitis A is common, practising food safety, along with water and hand hygiene, is essential. When travelling to areas with limited medical resources, carry sterile needles and avoid piercings or tattoos. Additionally, ensure condom use during sexual activity to prevent hepatitis B transmission.

Risks caused by Hep A & B: Flu-like symptoms, jaundice, liver damage, and in severe cases, liver failure or cancer.

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