Care Home / Assisted Living Services

One of our passions here at Barkerhouse Pharmacy, is providing medication for Care Home / Assisted Living settings and we do this using a specialised system. For years we have focused on the supply of medication to these areas and we have gathered valuable experience. We have a passionate team who are fully committed in assisting you to provide the highest quality of care and we administer medication in a way that best suits your needs.


How do we provide this support?

The Biodose system is a monitored dosage system, meaning that we have simple, safe and time-saving medication dispensing methods that enable us to provide the most effective service to our customers, accommodating both liquid and solid medication in a single unit.

Managing medication in care homes and home care has been transformed by the Biodose system. It enables our pharmacists and care/nursing homes to build long-term relationships, which drives the best practice in medication management.

To learn more about how care homes, residential homes and nursing homes benefit from Biodose pharmacies like ours, please contact us.