Our aim is to give the highest possible standard of service. We would like you to tell us what you think about the service we provide at this pharmacy. If you have any comments, suggestions or complaints, please speak to a pharmacist, member of staff or reach out to us. Any general comments about the services we provide are always welcome and these suggestions can help us to improve the services we can offer to you. We operate a procedure as part of the NHS system for dealing with feedback and our system meets national criteria. Our Pharmacist will give you further information.

If you prefer to talk to someone who is not involved with your care, there is a Patient Engagement Team (PET) at NHS East Lancashire. The PET are not part of the feedback procedure itself, but they might be able to resolve your concerns informally or can tell you more about the complaints procedure and independent complaints advocacy services.

You can contact the PET as follows:

Telephone Helpline: Monday – Friday 9am-5pm

(Answering Machine service available outside these hours)

0845 6031 068

Text: 07884 180309

Email: patientengagementteam@eastlancspct.nhs.uk